North Carolina FCRV scholarship applications and the following supporting information are due April 1 of the year the award is to be given. Completed applications need to be sent to Libby Hoke, the Scholarship Director.

  1. Official Application Form
  2. Official Schools Report.
    1. Include Copy of High School Transcript.
    2. Record of Official Test Score, i.e. A.C.T., S.A.T. or other national tests.
  3. College students only: Transcript of all College courses taken the year previous to the year the award is being sought.
    1. Have Application Form completed and sent to the scholarship director.
  4. Two letters of recommendation (relatives not accepted).
    1. School teacher or administrator.
    2. A North Carolina FCRV member.
  5. Photostat copy of parents’, guardian’s, or applicant’s FCRV membership.
  6. Proof of admission to an Accredited Institution of Higher Learning.
  7. A Photograph suitable for publicity releases is desired but not required.

Mail completed Application to:
Libby Hoke
NC Scholarship Director
720 Pickering Dr.
Calabash, N.C. 28467

View the NC Family Campers & RVers Scholarship Constitution

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