Come Camp With Us

Anyone with a tent, pop-up, fifth wheel, or a fully loaded RV are welcome to camp with us. Come and join the fun with any of the local, state or nation wide camping activities. We play all types of games including card games, board games, bean bag baseball and other types of games where we can have some fun and fellowship!

Learn about our group

Camping with your Family and Friend that’s what Family Campers and RVers is all about. FCRV is an international organization with chapters in both the US and Canada. North Carolina has about 112 families in 10 Chapters scattered across the state. Each Chapter camps on its own schedule where they wish. Chapters number from about 3 families to 25. Children and pets are welcome by most chapters. The size, type, and manufacturer of your rig doesn’t matter. We welcome all, and tent campers are welcome too. Many of us started out tent camping and some still do. We have two Statewide Campouts for all chapters each year; some Districts also have a campout, and the retirees have two. There is one Retiree Chapter.

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